ABBA You Can Dance Community Launch…DANCE FEST!

Ubisoft launched their new game ABBA You Can Dance in spectacular fashion. They rented out a parking lot near Fisherman’s Wharf and invited everyone around to come join in on the fun. They had Liam Mayclem, of local SF tv show “Eye on the Bay” fame hosting the event. Not bad for a Thursday morning.

As you can expect, all the greatest ABBA hits are in this title for the Nintendo Wii. The tracklist has twenty-six hits packed in the game out the box, from Dancing Queen to Waterloo, from Mama Mia to Money Money Money, you can dance the night away with friends, family and loved ones. Everyone young and old came out and let their inner dancing queen fly!

If you’re a fan of Ubisoft’s mega hit Just Dance, you’ll dig ABBA you Can Dance.

Check out this candid video of the event:

Ubisoft’s ABBA You Can Dance is out now for the Nintendo Wii retailing for $39.99.


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