Slits Pirots Rating and reviews

Examining the Pirots Slot Machine

If you mix a pirate with a parrot, you get a pirate parrot. An octopus! Maybe the Pirots slot game’s title pun doesn’t work as well as ELK Studios would have wanted, but at least the company has given the pirate theme a new spin. The ‘Pirots’ in this slot game all have their own unique arsenals and bonuses. Is there anything novel about the slot’s mechanics? Check out this review of the Pirots slot machine to learn more.

Concept Art for a Pirot Slot Machine Game


The Pirots slot machine is just as much fun as the other real money online slots that ELK Studios has released. The developer has made full use of the potential offered by the pirate theme. The reels are populated with the game’s funny eponymous characters, while the screen itself is set against a deep blue sea background. The Pirots’ colorful, quirky aesthetic is reminiscent of characters from a mobile game like Angry Birds. The theme tune is as pirate-y as you’d think, so whether or not you like it depends on how much you appreciate such music.




Playing the Pirots Slot Machine


You have to hand it to ELK Studios, they’re a daring bunch that aren’t afraid to try new ideas. The game is set up in a certain way. It’s played on a 5×5 grid, however there are no fixed paylines. Instead, on every spin, four birds appear among the usual assortment of payout jewels and other symbols. When a bird lands on a cluster of jewels of the same hue, it will scoop them up and reward the player accordingly. The worth of the gems grows as you progress through the levels, which are indicated on a collecting meter located above the reels. It’ll start over after every spin.




Although the gameplay is different, starting the reels is just like any other slot machine. The coin stack symbol allows for easy stake adjustments between the low minimum of $0.20 and the high ceiling of $100.

Mobile Slot Playing: Pirots


Pirots was built by ELK Studios using HTML5 technology. The slot is just as enjoyable on mobile devices, with the brightly colored main characters and their vivid surroundings leaping out the screen.




Extras for the Pirots Slot Machine


The bonus features in Pirots slot game keep the game fresh and exciting. Every spin has the potential to award a bonus. When reaching a new level, players unlock special bonuses. The game’s six primary bonus symbols are:




Wild: The universal Wild symbol stands in for all other symbols to complete winning combinations.


This converts a group of symbols into a single hue, making them easier for Pirot to gather.


This raises the level of Pirot’s collected gems to the next tier.


Tokens with monetary value are coins.


When there are no more winning combinations on the reels, the Bomb symbols will explode and new symbols will fall into place. The chances of scoring a high score increase as the grid size increases to 8 by 8.


Free Drops is an optional bonus round in the game. When a player gets three bonus symbols, the bonus round begins. The ELK Studios X-iter function additionally allows you to purchase early access to the supplemental content. However, this is restricted to specific areas.

Return to Player, Max Payout, and Volatility for Pirots Slots


The mathematical model in Pirots is inconsistent. The highest win on this slot machine is 10,000 times the player’s wager, making it a medium-to-high volatility game. The return to player (RTP) is a dismal 94%, which is a major drawback.




Slots Summary Pirots


Pirots, a slot game, earns praise for its novel features and charmingly offbeat aesthetic. While entertaining both during the regular game and during the bonus features, the low RTP is likely to annoy some players and take away from the overall experience. Overall, though, ELK Studios has done a fine job, putting a novel twist on the pirate theme as well as the Cluster Pays gaming mechanism. Try your luck at one of the best online casinos right now by visiting one of our top picks.


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